About Me Page - Brad Spiess

My Name is Brad Spiess. I've always had a love of photography as an art form, but while growing up the idea of being in a dark room dealing with chemicals to develop film never appealed to me. The digital revolution with photography has changed that. 

A few years ago I started a web site for hiking in San Diego. IHikeSanDiego.com. As work progressed on my web site I added more and more content, including photographs of the hikes that I had been on. I always tried to make my photographs better but it was the chance to buy a professional camera a couple of years ago that really propelled my passion for photography. 

Once I had the new camera ( A Sony A7M2 ) I spent more and more time learning not only everything I could learn about my camera but all the different ideas on proper composition, lighting, post processing, etc...Needless to say my journey is far from over, I strive to better my skills and develop my ideas for great photography. I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoy creating them. 


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